Sound Designer needed for BFA

I'm looking for a sound designer for my BFA. It's a 17 minute narrative shot on location in Madrid, Spain. Brief synopsis: The story explores the peculiar, yet loving, relationship between a single mother and her 9 year old son. She makes a living by gambling and he struggles to adapt to a new school and neighborhood. The film is in Spanish (subtitled), but has very minimal dialogue. I'm looking for someone who'd also be willing to do some folly. If you'd like to see a cut of the film, please email me with a sample of your work/resume and we can arrange a screening.

Location: Boston

Contact (Email):

Contact (Phone): 831-332-5127

Sound DesignerNobody yet. Apply?
04/19/2014Sound Design Deadline

Project owners: Daniel Vignal

Added to Open Calls on March 23rd, 2014.

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