iDeal Wife MFA - Elevator in the Soundstage

iDeal Wife is a MFA project aimed at criticizing how consumer-driven societies impact individuals; it is a 30 min sci-fi dark comedy. This compelling story is based on a futuristic product, a humanized robot, which is programmed to love and fulfill all the needs of their significant other. The person who owns "iDeal Wife" should feel the luckiest and happiest man in the world but Alvin, our male protagonist, develops a desire to kill his adorable iDeal Wife… We are looking for Set Constructors to complete our production design team. We are planning on building an elevator in the soundstage on April 26th and the evening of April 25th with great music, great food and great people. If you want to help out for any of those two days, send me an email at so that we can set up a meeting.

Location: Boston


Contact (Email):

Set ConstructorsNobody yet. Apply?
04/25/2014Soundstage from 6 p.m.
04/27/2014Shooting date

Project owners: Camille Attia

Added to Open Calls on March 26th, 2014.

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