The Things We Did Last Summer

The Things We Did Last Summer tells the story of the Millmans, a prosperous family who own a lake house called Water's Edge in the fictional town of Harborside, Rhode Island. The events of the play follow the seven Millmans as they grow and change throughout the span of time between 1941-1951, and experience the ever changing definition of what it truly means to be a family. After a whirlwind of workshops and readings at Emerson College in Boston and The Contemporary Theatre Company in Wakefield, Rhode Island, writer and director Morgan Capodilupo is thrilled to announce that Dive In Productions will be mounting the world premiere performance of The Things We Did Last Summer! Rehearsals will begin after auditions in early November, with performances in February 2015. We are currently seeking talented and committed actors to cast and enthusiastic artists to comprise our creative team. Auditions will be held during the first two weeks of November, dates, times, and locations TBA. Please come with a headshot and resume and be prepared to read from the script. No prior experience necessary. Interested creative team members may also attend the auditions with a resume, as an interview process. Please feel free to contact the director, Morgan Capodilupo, with any questions, or if you would like to see a copy of the script. Thank you! :)

Location: Boston

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Actor (Non-Union) (Leon Millman (20-25/Male): The Millman's eldest child and only son. A self made man who wants to travel and see the world before he thinks of settling down. Handsome, protective of his family and his sisters.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Hannie Shipkin (15-19/Female): Joan's daughter, the tomboyish girl who lives next door. Can be mischievous. Envies the Millman daughters. She is happiest in a pair of overalls.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Joan Shipkin (35-45/Female): The widowed woman who lives next door and Hannie and Tom's mother. She is strong willed, intelligent, and a very good mother. A military wife.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Ann Whittaker (10-14/Female): George Whittaker's only daughter, a small, eccentric girl who rarely speaks unless she truly trusts the person she is with. A girl who has seen terrible things.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (The Bartender (25-35/Male): A sly and crafty neighborhood man. A funny bit part for a comedic actor. Also doubles as the Pastor in the third act.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Catherine Millman (40-50/Female): The matriarch of the Millman family, emotional but learns to be strong. She carries the weight of her past with her. Challenging, high committment leading role.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Arthur Millman (45-55/Male): Patriarch of the Millman family, a man who dearly loves his wife and children. A successful businessman, but doesn't let his wealth go to his head. Adores the summer and Water's Edge. Dies at the end of the first act.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Olive Millman (16-21/Female): The Millman's second eldest daughter and by far, the most rebellious. Unsure of her own self worth. She runs away to marry her boyfriend, Huey Dufresne, in the second act.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Tom Shipkin (20-25/Male): Joan's son and Hannie's older brother. The boy next door. Leon's best friend who falls in love with Margaret Millman and marries her. A truly good guy.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Gloria Millman (13-18/Female): The youngest Millman daughter. She appears in all three acts, this is a HIGH COMMITTMENT ROLE. Must be able to convincingly play 8, 13, and 18. Childish, but willing to grow up.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Agnes Cull (21-25/Female): Leon's girlfriend who comes to stay with the Millmans in the second act. She is a wealthy young lady who has her sights set on marriage and nothing less. Neurotic and bitchy, but very glamorous.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (George Whittaker (45-50/Male): Ann's father, the new guy who moves into the Shipkin's house in the third act. He is a gentle author of books, with a case of writer's block. Falls in love with Catherine and marries her at the end of the show)Nobody yet. Apply?
Assistant Director (Seeking a motivated, creative, and organized individual to serve as the assistant director. Jobs include observing rehearsals, providing creative feedback, and being committed to the rehearsal process.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Costume Designer (Seeking a talented and creative costume designer with an interest in creating and scavenging for period costumes of the 1940s-1950s eras. Will work closely with the makeup/hair designer and the rest of the creative team.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Dramaturge (Seeking an individual to serve as the show's dramaturg and do appropriate research of the 1940s-1950s eras for the benefit of the cast and creative team.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Make-up Artist (Seeking a makeup/hair designer who is proficient in styles of the 1940s-1950s eras, and may also have experience in wigs. Will work closely with the costume designer and the rest of the creative team.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Producer (Theater) (Seeking a committed, clear headed, driven individual to serve as the producer of the show. Jobs include securing rehearsal space, coordinating with venue managers, and marketing the show via social media.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Production Assistant (Seeking individuals who are interested in serving on the show's run crew. LOW COMMITTMENT POSITION, will only be needed for tech week. Will assist with set changes, costume changes, and other small tasks around the stage)Nobody yet. Apply?
Production Designer (Stage) (Seeking an individual who is interested in doing the lighting design of the show and working closely with the venue staff to ensure the cohesiveness of the light plot and other electical concerns)Nobody yet. Apply?
Production Designer (Stage) (Seeking an individual to design and construct the sets of the show and create a realistic feel of the environment of Harborside for the actors)Nobody yet. Apply?
Production Designer (Stage) (Seeking an individual to be in charge of the construction, gathering, and maintenance of the props used in the show)Nobody yet. Apply?
Sound Designer (Seeking a musically inclined individual to assist with the sound design of the show. Proficiency in piano or guitar is a plus, as some of the actors may need to be taught a song or two on these instruments.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Stage Director (Seeking an organized and motivated individual to serve as the show's stage manager. Requirements will include assisting the director and creative team, notifying the cast of various script changes and line notes, and being present at the rehearsals a)Nobody yet. Apply?
11/02/2014AUDITIONS! 7-10 PM, Campus Center 114

Project owners: Morgan Capodilupo

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