The Sam Winchester Diaries

After suffering a melancholic adolescence full of grungy hotel rooms and other general suckery associated with the life in the Hunter Corp, Sam Winchester has finally found a home, and new life, in eccentric University of Lebanon, Kansas. Something he wouldn’t give up for all the ancient Enochian tablets in the world. But, when his hunter brother, Dean Winchester randomly shows up with a case close to both of them, Sam has no choice, but to help. Armed with a shotgun full of rock salt and a handy cam forcibly issued by the Bunker’s psych department, Sam Winchester will go on the adventure of a lifetime he never expected.

Location: Boston

Contact (Email):

Contact (Phone): (609)-402-5087

Hair StylistNobody yet. Apply?
Boom OperatorNobody yet. Apply?
Set DesignerNobody yet. Apply?
Props/Weapons MasterNobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Sam Winchester (19): Male Lead. Brown longish hair. EXTREMELY TALL!)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Dean Winchester (23): Male Lead. Short blonde hair. Tallish.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Chuck Shurley/God (24): Male. Brown curly hair. Must be able to grow scruff.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (A whole bunch of extras)Nobody yet. Apply?
CinematographerNobody yet. Apply?
Director (Film)Jacquelyn Ferzacca
EditorCollier Laird
GafferNobody yet. Apply?
Make-up ArtistSamantha Hills
Motion Graphics Artist (Must have experience in creating special/visual effects.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Production AssistantNobody yet. Apply?
Sound Designer (Must be able to compose and create original sound effects.)Nobody yet. Apply?
01/24/2015The Sam Winchester Diaries: Casting Call

Project owners: Morgan Maslow

Added to Open Calls on October 26th, 2014.

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