The Sum of All Creeds Crew and Casting Call

Two brothers disregard the blathering of a recluse they've take hostage as they attempt to cross the Canadian border with stolen money.

Location: Boston


Contact (Email):

Contact (Phone): 7742666005

Associate ProducerNobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Henry Crane: Henry Crane has always dreamed of fame and riches. At the introduction of the film Henry is no where close to the level of fame that he desires. Henry’s share of the score, which is $200,000, turns his fantasy life into an obsessive)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Phillip Crane: Phillip is deceptively smart and charming. He would turn your admiration for him into a favorable situation for himself. He’ll take what he wants from you to realize his future.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Union) (Theodore Cunningham: Theodore is a reclusive hermit. He has lived in the woods for years sustaining himself off of what he can scavenge from the forest. He tells the brothers that he was once a very persuasive priest.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Assistant CameraNobody yet. Apply?
Costume DesignerNobody yet. Apply?
GafferNobody yet. Apply?
GripNobody yet. Apply?
02/12/2015Crew Call 4:00-6:00pm PROW L153

Project owners: Daniel Makie

Added to Open Calls on February 4th, 2015.

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