The short film portrays a post-apocalyptic world, where individuals are cloistered in their own homes. Virga and Romeo, two cibernatically famous teenagers are contacted by a scientist who offers them the undeniable opportunity of a lifetime: to meet paradise.

Location: Boston

Website: www.sofiacaetano.com

Contact (Email): sofia_caetano@emerson.edu

Costume DesignerNobody yet. Apply?
Make-up ArtistNobody yet. Apply?
Motion Graphics ArtistNobody yet. Apply?
Production Designer (Film)Nobody yet. Apply?
Sound DesignerNobody yet. Apply?
Sound MixerNobody yet. Apply?
07/25/2015Shooting in Boston

Project owners: Sofia Caetano

Added to Open Calls on February 14th, 2015.

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