Second year graduate student Hal Halper is seeking MALE and FEMALE ACTORS for a production of the classic musical "A Chorus Line"! "A CHORUS LINE is a celebration of those unsung heroes of the American Musical Theatre-the chorus dancers, those valiant, over dedicated, underpaid, highly trained performers who back up the star or stars and often make them look even more talented than they are. It is also a celebration of the American Musical itself." ALL PRINCIPAL MALE ROLES ARE AVAILABLE: ZACH LARRY AL GREG RICHIE MIKE BOBBY PAUL MARK DON ALSO SEEKING MALE AND FEMALE ACTORS TO PLAY CUT DANCERS AT THE BEGINNING OF SHOW- Low commitment acting / dance opportunity... these are small but fun cameo roles: LOIS TRICIA VICKI BUTCH ROY TOM FRANK Rehearsals will begin February 7th, and be held from there on Mondays (8-10 PM), Thursdays (7-10 PM), and Sundays (2-5 PM). The show dates are slated for March 17th and March 18th at Emerson. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH EMERSON COLLEGE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A ROLE. Contact Hal via email at hal_halper@emerson.edu with a headshot and resume, and from there, you will be able to schedule an audition time to meet in person.

Location: Boston

Contact (Email): hal_halper@emerson.edu

Actor (Non-Union) (See roles listed above)Nobody yet. Apply?

Project owners: Morgan Capodilupo

Added to Open Calls on February 1st, 2016.

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