The Men of Tomorrow - BFA Casting Call

After being blasted into the future by a malfunctioning toaster, Gordon Foster is drafted into work detail by the government. He joins a rag-tag group of convicts who spends their days exerting as little energy as possible, maintaining the equipment and facilities that power the virtual reality world in which the majority of society now lives.

Location: Boston


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Actor (Non-Union) (GORDON (or Jordan): After a mishap with a malfunctioning toaster, Gordon/Jordan was blasted into the future. (S)he's arrogant, apathetic and dismissive of all futuristic technologies and ideologies.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (TRANK is the team's pompous tech expert. (S)he is absolutely convinced that if (s)he can just come up with the perfect invention, the government will see his/her worth, release him/her from prison, and ask him/her to join their ranks.)Nobody yet. Apply?
03/24/2016Casting call in Campus Center 113 (PROW) from 2-6PM

Project owners: Michael Robida

Added to Open Calls on March 21st, 2016.

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