Public Access- BFA Project

In a neo-noir web series, siblings Ellen and Grayson team up together to clear the name of Grayson's best friend as he is wrongfully accused of a crime. In the process of the investigation their bond is strengthened.

Location: Boston

Contact (Email):

Contact (Phone): 603-505-0846

Actor (Non-Union) (Grayson 16-17 year old high school student, working at the Public Access station for the summer. On the autism spectrum Grayson is isolated and excluded by most people except for Alex. He is gifted with technology, and very observant, but never recog)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Union) (Ellen: 22-25s, Grayson's older sister, college dropout who lives at home with brother and parents still. Witty with a dark sense of humor. Has a distant relationship with Grayson, but tries to understand him and mend their relationship. She is rebell)Nobody yet. Apply?

Project owners: Caroline Sullivan

Added to Open Calls on April 11th, 2016.

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