LOGLINE: A poetic journey of memory and fantasy told through the eyes of four versions of an artist as she creates her own identity. Hyphen is now hosting a crew call! Check out the official crew call below and share with other friends that'd love to check it out. Food, film credit, networking opportunities provided. We're planning to take this film as far as possible! Crew interviews starting October 1. Shoot: Jan 4-12, 2018 (Winter Break) Location: Boston, MA For more information please email hyphenfilm@gmail.com Reels, resumes, sample work accepted.

Location: Boston

Website: hyphenmovie.com

Contact (Email): hyphenfilm@gmail.com

ChoreographerNobody yet. Apply?
2D AnimatorNobody yet. Apply?
Assistant CameraNobody yet. Apply?
Assistant DirectorNobody yet. Apply?
Assistant EditorNobody yet. Apply?
ColoristNobody yet. Apply?
ComposerNobody yet. Apply?
Costume DesignerNobody yet. Apply?
GafferNobody yet. Apply?
GripNobody yet. Apply?
Production AssistantNobody yet. Apply?
Production Designer (Film)Nobody yet. Apply?
Sound MixerNobody yet. Apply?
Sound RecordistNobody yet. Apply?
01/04/2018Filming begins! 01/04/18 - 01/12/18

Project owners: Maria Servellon

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