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Location: Boston

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Contact (Phone): 7066046025

Actor (Non-Union) (Samantha- female- she has recently discovered her girlfriend's infidelity. She packs her things and leaves after an intense argument.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (George- male or female- is the victim of insomnia. And spends all of his nights trying to fall asleep before his exhaustion kills.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Stacey- female - She has been caught cheating on Sam, and must deal with the loss of a relationship she relied on.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Frank- male - Frank must come back from college to wait out his grandfather's death with his family. Surrounded by family, he tries to find a place to be alone.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Will - male- is a guy who is trying to kill his last afternoon before he has to leave his home for a long time.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Ted the Cashier - male - Indifferent at first, he is the last person who talks to Jim before his suicide.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Assistant Camera (A.C. Needed for the Weekend of 10-12 of November)Nobody yet. Apply?
Assistant Director (A.D. Needed for the Weekend of the 10-12 of November. Three location in Two day shoot.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Colorist (Colorist requested for post production in late November)Nobody yet. Apply?
Gaffer (Gaffer Requested for the shooting dates 10-12 of November.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Producer (Film) (Looking for an A.P. for the remainder of pre-production through the production dates - November 10th-12)Nobody yet. Apply?
Production Designer (Film) (P.D. Needed for a hospital room and connivance store locations.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Sound Recordist (Needed November 10-12 for Two indoor and one outdoor scenes. Two day shoot.)Nobody yet. Apply?
11/10/2017Large Production goes up on the 10th. Other smaller sets, with minimal crew will be occurring before this date.

Project owners: Robert Bruce

Added to Open Calls on October 26th, 2017.

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