Short Film

Written by Riley Donnigan and directed by Cyrus Wu; Genre: Thriller; Looking for an actress, PAID GIG. $75-$100 (depending on experience) per day for both days this weekend, 11/4 & 11/5. Haven is a short thriller that follows Sarah, a girl suffering from amnesia after hitting her head on the ground. She wakes up in a field with bruises on her arms and a broken handcuff on her wrist. The only clue she has to her past is a mysterious tattoo on her arm. She struggles to return home, while trying to remember her past.

Location: Boston

Contact (Email):

Contact (Phone): 425 830-9657

Actor (Non-Union) (Sarah; principal actress (age 20-30))Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Eileen; supporting actress (age 50-70))Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Union) (Sarah; principal actress (age 20-30))Nobody yet. Apply?
11/01/2017Auditions at Campus Center 114 (PROW) 2pm-6pm
11/04/2017Shoot Day #1 (Only Sarah)
11/05/2017Shoot Day #2 (Sarah and Eileen)

Project owners: Cyrus Wu

Added to Open Calls on October 31st, 2017.

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