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Actor (Non-Union) (Reader (any age): Reads stage directions for the benefit of the actors and production team.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Ann Whittaker (12-15): George Whittaker's only daughter, a bit of a spoiled girl who at first terrorizes her babysitter, Gloria, but then becomes friends with her when their parents wed.)Mikayla Bishop
Actor (Non-Union) (Marty Henderson (16-21): The neighborhood paperboy who has a playfully flirtatious relationship with Gloria Millman. He is cute and sweet, and loves to make her laugh. However, she rebuffs his advances until she eventually gives in.)Matt Tolf
Actor (Non-Union) (Mr. George Whittaker (40-50): A widower who moves into the Shipkin’s house with his young daughter in the third act of the show. He is a sweet, gentle man who is an author trying to write his greatest novel yet. A kind, gentle man.)Joshua Telepman
Actor (Non-Union) (Agnes Cull (18-23): While Leon is away at school, he meets Agnes Cull, a young, moneyed girl studying textile design. Though she is quite rich and quite beautiful, she has a cold heart and is very vain and selfish. She is very ready for marriage.)Emily White
Actor (Non-Union) (Huey Dufresne (21-25): The son of the town mechanic with whom Olive Millman falls in love. He is just the right girl for someone trying to rebel against her parents, and Olive realizes this. He is very mischievous.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Old Man Shipkin (65-80): Mrs. Shipkin’s father-in-law who lived with the family before Captain Shipkin passed away, but has become more ornery in the years since his son’s death. He is a cranky old man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Mrs. Marist (45-55): A wealthy, widowed lady who lives in the same neighborhood as the Millmans and the Shipkins, and is living quite comfortably alone in a large house off of her late husband’s pension. She especially loves to drink.)Emma Lukens
Actor (Non-Union) (Hannah “Hannie” Shipkin (16-20): Tom’s younger sister who deals with the loss of her father by taking out her anger on the Millman daughters, whom she is extremely jealous of, especially Olive. She is a tomboy.)Hannah Mattison
Actor (Non-Union) (Mrs. Joan Shipkin (40-45): Tom and Hannie’s recently widowed mother, the wife of a ship captain who died at sea. She is a quiet, mousy woman who sews all of her family’s clothes and is happiest in the house.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Tom Shipkin (19-25): The boy who lives next door to the Millman family and a close friend of Leon’s who joins him in the lawn mowing business. He falls in love with Margaret and eventually marries her.)Eric Ibarra
Actor (Non-Union) (Sarah Millman (14-18): The third oldest daughter of Arthur and Catherine Millman, she is the smartest of all the children and rarely goes outside at all during the summer. In the first act, her father gives her the library at Water’s Edge.)Mikayla Bishop
Actor (Non-Union) (Gloria Millman (10-14): The youngest child of Arthur and Catherine Millman. She is also the only child who appears in all three acts. She matures greatly throughout the play.)Larianny Perez
Actor (Non-Union) (Margaret Millman (18-22): The oldest daughter of Arthur and Catherine Millman, she is the prettiest of all of her sisters and she knows it. However, she is by no means vain or self centered. A hopeless romantic. Marries Tom Shipkin.)Sarah Innes
Actor (Non-Union) (Olive Millman (16-20): The second oldest daughter of Arthur and Catherine Millman, she is the most rebellious of all of the children and she doesn’t at all care. She loves to stir the pot and cause trouble for her parents and other siblings. Elopes)Juliet McCarthy
Actor (Non-Union) (Leon Millman (19-25): The oldest and only son of Arthur and Catherine Millman, he is your classic, clean cut, all-American boy. He is handsome and intelligent, with a clear eyed confidence and boyish charm. Hardworking and smart.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Mrs. Catherine Millman (40-50): Arthur’s wife, a woman from equal means but a new money family. She has always felt inferior in Arthur’s family, but has chosen to stifle her feelings for the sake of her children and marriage. A good wife, but lac)Nobody yet. Apply?
Actor (Non-Union) (Mr. Arthur Millman (45-55): The patriarch of the Millman family, whose summer house, Water’s Edge, has been in the family for generations. He is a self made man who believes in the benefit and power of hard work and ingenuity.)Nobody yet. Apply?
Costume Designer (Script consultant)Nobody yet. Apply?
Director (Theater) (Script consultant)Alicia Bettano
Producer (Theater) (Script consultant)Nobody yet. Apply?
Screenwriter (Script consultant)Nobody yet. Apply?
Sound Mixer (Record audio of the play)Nobody yet. Apply?
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